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Hello! We’re Air Property Management and we’re here to help. It can be tough finding a reliable property management company that cares about your home, your guests and your online reputation. We are a company that simplifies the process of renting out your property. Helping you to increase your income and free up more of your valuable time. Meanwhile, being rest assured that your home and your guests are in safe hands.

Having travelled around Europe for a year and staying in many Airbnb’s along the way. While also renting out our own home in Edinburgh whilst on our travels. We’ve gained so much experience as both hosts and guests and seen the good and the bad. With this knowledge and experience to bring to the table, in 2017 Air Property Management was born. With the view that we can improve on the service that’s being provided. Offering hosts better value for money. While helping guests have a better experience in our city.

About Us Air Property Management

Eco Friendly Airbnb Management

As a company we’re also incredibly passionate about protecting the environment and our planet. Therefore we’re constantly taking measures to ensure that our company and the properties that we manage are as sustainable as possible. Working with property owners to reduce their carbon footprint and the environmental impact caused as a result of renting out their home. We like to work with hosts who have similar values to us and also care about protecting the planet for future generations. Together we can implement various measures to ensure your rental is more ECO-Friendly.

At Air Property Management, our aim is to help you get the most out of your holiday rental and provide your guests with the best possible experience for their trip. Whether it be Airbnb or another holiday let property. Our Edinburgh property management service offers various packages tailored to suit your needs. Therefore allowing you to have more time freedom and earn more money from renting out your home.

We can help you maximise your earning potential from your rental property

We want to help you make your Airbnb rental a success. Because we know that when your guests are happy you are too. We have discovered that there are several things people value most while on their travels.

We can work with you to increase your rental occupancy. While ensuring that your guests reduce the impact on the environment during their stay there.

Set up on Airbnb and daily listing updates to help you maximise bookings.

Prompt communication with guests before booking and continually leading up to their arrival.

Laundry including both bedding and towels that had been professionally cleaned. You really can tell the difference!

A property that’s well-stocked with all the essentials (and little extras) giving the feeling that you’re staying in a luxury hotel.

At Air Property Management, we handle Airbnb set up, cleaning, guest interactions and personalised check-ins. As well as a whole range of other services to accommodate both you and your guests.

Building relationships with your guests from the outset help them get the most out of their travels while adding greater value to their overall experience.

Happy Guests = Happy Hosts

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