Covid Cleaning For Short Term Lets

Covid Cleaning in Edinburgh for Airbnb

We’re delighted to share that we’ve successfully been leading our properties in Edinburgh through Covid Cleaning protocols. These were outlined by the US Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (CDCP) and issued to us in July through Airbnb.

Our team have been diligently working to maintain high standards across all of the listings we manage. Giving guests peace of mind that the properties they are staying in are cleaned and sanitised to a high standard. Keeping their family safe. While also stopping the spread of Covid-19.

Cleanliness has always been a top priority for us here at Air Property Management. Providing airbnb cleaning across Edinburgh. As well as professional laundry services for your short term rental. Cleanliness has never been more important in these Covid times. Which is why we opted into following Airbnb’s enhanced cleaning protocols. All our listings promise to comply with these committed to clean standards. While visibly displaying these enhanced cleaning procedures within each of the property listings that we provide full management services to.

Enhanced Covid Cleaning

There are several changes we’re implementing across our various listings. Our cleaners have been trained to follow these protocols and have a mindful approach towards health and safety. As they prepare each property during these turn around cleans. Not only are we following our usual cleaning checklists for each property. But we’re also now taking additional steps to ensure government guidelines and health and safety measures are met. These include;

Preparing For A Safer Clean

Cleaners are wearing protective PPE during cleaning to keep themselves safe at all times. Windows are being opened and rooms are being fully ventilated before cleaning commences. While our team are only using approved cleaning supplies that kill germs throughout the duration of the clean. These are signed of and have been tried and tested to a reliable standard.

Cleaning Your Space

Normal cleaning procedures are being followed to remove dirt and germs left by the last guests after checkout. While insuring the property is clean for the new guests arrival. This includes taking out any rubbish and recycling. Removing dirty bed linen and towels from the property and replacing it with freshly laundered bed linen and towels. Safeguarding the spread of germs by cleaning dishes in a dishwasher at a high temperature and using anti-bacterial liquid.

Our cleaning team are also continuing to hoover, dust and mop floors. As well as cleaning hard surfaces, particularly in the kitchens and bathrooms. These are all part of our usual cleaning regime for Airbnb cleans in Edinburgh as part of our short term let management service.

Covid Cleaning Protocols

Sanitising with Disinfectant

The next step we are following as part of the Covid cleaning protocol is sanitising of surfaces. Using disinfectant to remove germs and bacteria. This is an important step to prevent the spread of Covid-19. By covering all touch points throughout the home, including door knobs, light switches and cabinets. As well as remote controls, keys and key boxes. Not to mention, all other high touch points around the property. For further safety, our team allow these to air dry once they have been sanitised.

Once this step has been completed across each room within your property, our cleaners will not re-enter the room. To ensure that the area remains sanitised and germ free for your guests arrival. Meanwhile for properties in communal building, handrails and door handles that guests will come into contact with upon arrival are also sanitised.

Following Covid Cleaning Checklists

Our cleaners have been provided with Covid cleaning checklists to follow. Ensuring each of these steps is covered during every clean. They will review checklists at the end of each clean to determine that no points have been missed. Signing a Covid cleaning agreement, displayed within your property. Showing our committed to clean process to all guests who book to stay in your listing.

Additional Measures

Cleaning supplies our team are using during the clean are sanitised. These products cleaners are also leaving out for guests to use during their stay. Meanwhile, by emptying hoovers after each clean, we’re avoiding cross contamination. Cleaners hands are washed with warm water and further sanitised before they depart. All cloths and clothing worn by cleaners are cleaned in high temperature washes to ensure that no germs are transferred. All cleaning cloths are only used for one property.With new clean cloths being used for each and every clean.

Covid Cleaning and Sanitising

Stopping The Spread Through Safety Measures

Alongside following the Airbnb cleaning protocols, we’re also supplying all guests with hand sanitiser during their stay. As well as encouraging them to bring along their own masks to wear while out and about in Edinburgh. For properties that reside within a communal stairway, we’re also advising that guests wear  their mask within the stairwell. and sanitise their hands before entering or leaving the property. This measure is important to us to keep guests and other residents safe within the building. All guests are being made aware of this as part of their check in procedure.

We are only currently offering key box check in, to minimise face to face contact. However guests have been made aware that we’ll continue to provide support by telephone. Or via the Airbnb app as and when required throughout the duration of their stay.

Airbnb Covid Cleaning Protocols

We hope this post has provided you with a better understanding of the steps we’re taking. Ensuring cleanliness and safety through our Covid cleaning standards. These enhanced Covid Cleaning protocols that we’ve opted to follow. Are to allowing us to continue to offer safe travel to guests coming to Edinburgh. While also preventing the spread of coronavirus through additional health and safety measures.

We’re delighted to be receiving great feedback from guests during a busy August. Having almost maximum occupancy across all properties we manage, despite the festival being cancelled. With guests embracing these safety measures. Taking care while they travel and bringing some much needed footfall back to local businesses during the duration of their stay.

You can learn more about the actions we are taking through Airbnb’s enhanced cleaning protocol through the Airbnb website.

If you’d like to discuss our management services for your short term rental then please feel free to contact us via our contact form. One of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements.

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