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Help your Guests Feel at Home in Scotland’s Capital

Welcome to Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. Home to Edinburgh castle, Harry Potter and the world famous fringe festival. With beautiful gardens, world heritage sites, art galleries and shopping. As well as theatres, rugby and world-class bars and restaurants. Edinburgh has something for everyone, regardless of your age or interests. It’s no wonder that the city’s population triples during the summer months. As enthusiastic travellers flock to Edinburgh in their thousands to soak up a wee bit of the city’s magical charm. Our Edinburgh property management company is designed with both you and your guests in mind. Helping you to rent your property hassle free and your guests to enjoy a great experience from the moment they arrive.

The vibrant nature of the city and its many attractions cater for every type of traveller. Making Scotland’s capital an amazing holiday destination for tourists from across the globe.

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“This was a townscape raised in the teeth of cold winds from the east. A city of winding cobbled streets and haughty pillars. A city of dark nights and candlelight, and intellect.

This is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful it breaks the heart again and again.”

Alexander McCall Smith

Holiday Let Management Edinburgh

As a Scottish company, based in Edinburgh with a wealth of knowledge and experience in holiday let management. Our goal is to help you to gain more time and increase your finances. Because we offer a service that’s tailored to your needs and the needs of your guests. 

We truly believe that we are pioneering the future of property management in Scotland. Handling every aspect of running a holiday let property. While providing an excellent service to guests and hosts alike. First of all, we care of the maintenance, cleaning, guest interactions and personalised check-ins. In addition, we build relationships with your guests to help them get the most out of their travels. And also offer a broad variety of additional services to help you command a larger profit from your holiday apartment. Not to mention, improving your guest’s overall experience. Leading to happy guests, positive recommendations, great reviews and increased profit for you, the host.

Because we understand that time is precious and the most valuable commodity in modern day life. It’s our aim to help you free up more of yours. Since we do the legwork for you. And with our knowledge and experience of short term let management to bring to the table. Our passion for helping others. As well as a love for Edinburgh. You can be confident that we have everything you need in place to make your Edinburgh holiday let a success.

Holiday Let Management Edinburgh

 Airbnb Edinburgh

Increase your Earning Potential for your Holiday Let Property


The demand for Airbnb holiday rentals in Edinburgh is growing year on year. As a result, the demand is also growing for reliable and professional Edinburgh property management services. With the city being host to the famous fringe festival, attracting people from all cultures and walks of life. Not to mention Edinburgh’s central locations and excellent transport links to explore Scotland and the Highlands. Tourists from every corner of the world have Edinburgh on their bucket list. While also being an enjoyable city for fellow Scots and European travellers alike to enjoy a fun filled weekend with friends. This is leading to an increased demand for luxury holiday rentals in Edinburgh city centre. With Airbnb being the largest growing platform for people to rent their holiday home.


Edinburgh Property Management

Why Airbnb?

More and more travellers are opting for a home from home, in comparison to a bog standard hotel room. As it provides greater value for money and a more personalised experience. Allowing them to feel and live like a local during their stay. Not to mention the flexibility that Airbnb rentals provide in catering for larger groups than the standard hotel. Meaning they are ideal for getaways with friends or family gatherings.

We recently travelled around Europe for a year on an extended honeymoon and stayed in many Airbnb’s along the way. Not to mention renting out our own home in Edinburgh whilst on our travels. With so much experience as both hosts and as guests. Therefore leading us to design various packages tailored to suit your needs and the needs of your guests.  Helping you to increase your rental income and become part of a growing, globally recognised platform for booking travel accommodation. While unlike other property management companies, we are upfront about the fact that we are there to help you, and that it’s your home, not ours. We believe honesty to be the best policy giving both you and your guests confidence in our service from the outset.

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