Below are some of the questions we are commonly asked

How does the process actually work?

  1. We’ll meet at your property, take a look around and ensure that your holiday let meets our rental criteria.
  2. We’ll discuss rental packages and determine which package best suits your needs as a host.
  3. When you decide to jump on-board we’ll sign your contract and then get you set up on Airbnb, if you aren’t already.
  4. We’ll go to work using our wealth of knowledge on Airbnb to make your profile stand out from the others. This profile will be maintained regularly.
  5. For a small fee, well have your home photographed by our professional in-house photographer.
  6. We’ll have your home professionally deep- cleaned ready to welcome your first guests. This is charged at a competitive rate.
  7. We’ll deal with the guest interactions on your Airbnb account providing excellent customer service from the outset.
  8. We’ll welcome guests to your home during check in, providing a walk through of your property and advice on the local area and the best things to see and do.
  9. After check out we’ll remove bedding and towels and have it freshly laundered by a professional laundry service.
  10. Your home will be re-stocked with all the essentials that ensure a comfortable stay for every guest.
  11. Your holiday let will be professionally cleaned by reliable, experienced cleaners after every check out. Cleaners will work through a checklist designed specifically for your home ensuring everything is perfect and ready for each new guests arrival.
  12. We provide a 24/7 support service for guests meaning they can get in touch anytime, no problem is too big or small.
  13. The money paid by the guests will be paid to you from Airbnb with the agreed on management fee deducted and paid directly to us. Additional services agreed on will be invoiced. This will happen after every reservation, keeping the process simple and hassle free.

Why should i use a management company?

Air property management provides a full management service for short term lets such as Airbnb. We manage everything from finding the guest to cleaning the property and everything in between. We can manage as little or as much of the management process of your holiday home to maximise your earning potential and free up more of your precious time. We have several packages, as well as individual services, tailored to your needs.

Find out more about how a property management company is a great investment for your rental here.

Will I receive all of the rental income?

You as a host will receive all of the Airbnb income minus the fees agreed on for management services. This will include a 14% management fee as well as the cost of any additional services you may require.

Who will pay the rent if a guest refuses to pay?

Thanks to services such as Airbnb, your rent is held in escrow and is paid to you directly after the guest leaves. So this is never a concern and is one of the many benefits of using this type of platform to rent your holiday home.

Who pays for damage caused to my property by guests?

Airbnb cover damage costs up to £600,000 there for you are always covered in the rare event that something goes wrong. You can find more information on this here. We also provide a maintenance service for the upkeep and maintenance of your rental meaning that help is always at hand.

On most occasions with short term rentals, guests are only using the property to sleep in and will be spending the majority of their time exploring the city. From our experience as a host, damage is extremely rare, and in most cases accidental or simply caused by wear and tear.

Who will clean the property when guests leave?

Our professional and reliable cleaners will handle all the cleaning when your guests checkout. Some of the services they will provide include, hoovering, dusting, mopping floors, polishing glass, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. As well as re-making beds with fresh linen for new guests arrival. We will work with the cleaners to create a cleaning checklist for your home, including all the tasks that need to be completed for a turnaround.

Who will pay the bills for the property?

You will have to cover the bill payments including electricity, water, internet provider and TV license as well as any other utility bills.

Who is responsible for guest check-in and check out?

We provide a face to face service where guests will be welcomed to the property, shown around and offered advice on things to see and do in the local area. Keys will be issued at this time and arrangements will be made for check out. The cost of this face to face check in service is £25. If in the instance that guests are more than 1 hour late for their agreed upon check-in time then an additional fee will be charged to the host of £12.50. At least 48 hours’ notice is always required for a face to face check-in service.

On all other occasions, a self-check in will be completed using a *key box whereby we will arrange the arrival time with instructions on how to locate your apartment and enter the building and liaise with guests completely during the arrival period. There is no charge for this service. We can supply a key box and have this installed as part of our maintenance package if necessary.

*It is mandatory that a key box is installed outside the property. Particularly for the occasion that a guest may wish to check in or out of the property between the hours of 10pm and 6am. If no key box is installed for self-check in on these rare occasions then an additional charge of £36 will be invoiced for face to face check ins during these hours.

What if I want to stay in my property?

That’s never a problem. Just let us know the dates you want to stay and we’ll block them off your rental calendar for you.

When do I pay for management services?

Our management fee invoiced on a monthly basis via email. This will also include additional charges such as cleaning, laundry and re-stocking which you have opted for Air Property Management to provide you with. Any additional services requested will also be invoiced monthly via email.

Are there any upfront costs that I should be aware of?

A deposit of £195 will be charged to allow us to commence with management services. This cost will be offset against professional cleaning of your property and initial set up/or improvements made to your Airbnb listing.

What vetting do potential guests get before they are able to book my property?

All guests on Airbnb are rated, we will not let anyone with a poor rating stay at your home. We ensure every guest who books your property is genuine by communicating with them regularly before their trip to find out more about their stay and lend a hand where possible. This pleasantly persistent approach generally puts off anyone with less than positive intentions. You can be rest assured that your property is in safe hands.

What if I don’t want any pets in my property?

As a default, we do not accept any guests that have pets. But, if you want your home to be pet-friendly, we can allow this. We would simply charge a small additional fee for extra cleaning.

Do I need to provide internet/WIFI?

No, but to encourage higher rental value and interest we would always recommend having Wifi installed. Guests are more likely to book accommodation that has Wifi over a property that does not. By not having Wifi you are cutting down your customer base by up to 75%! So it’s thoroughly recommended to offer a good wireless internet connection in your rental apartment.

Do I need to provide bed linen and towels?

Yes. We have a supplier of luxury, high-quality linen and towels which we can recommend and who will deliver to your property. We highly recommend having 3 sets of bed linen and towels for your property. This will accommodate same day change overs and multiple bookings each week. There should always be a clean set of laundry in the property while one is being used on the beds and another one being laundered.

Bedding and towels will be freshly laundered for each new guests arrival.

How much does it cost?

The cost is dependent on which of the management packages you choose. We have 2 different packages available;

You can find a breakdown of these and the services that are included here.

We also provide a variety of individually priced services, these are priced on the individual services pages.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by getting in contact with us via our contact form. A helpful member of our team will be in touch to schedule a meeting at your property for a walk through and to help you set yourself up as a host.

Alternatively you can contact us by email or telephone.

How much notice is required to start?

A notice period of ten working days is required before your property is ready to be rented out. This allows us enough time to prepare your property, have professional photos taken, set up your listing and ensure that bedding and essentials are fully stocked ready for your first guests arrival.

Do I need an account with Airbnb?

No. If you already have then fantastic! But if not we would be more than happy to help you set this up. This service is included in our setup fee at no additional cost. As well as a whole range of other services to help make your Airbnb a success.

Do you manage properties for any area?

We currently manage properties within Edinburgh City Center. We also offer property management services within Glasgow City Center. Contact us to find out more about how we can help with your rental.

Can I still manage some services myself?

Yes, of course. We offer a variety of packages and services. But if you’d like to select only a few services and continue to manage the others by yourself then you absolutely can.

Our services are designed to help you increase your earning potential from your rental property and at the same time, free up more of your time. Our packages have been carefully considered to cater for all types of hosts and the level of service and management they’d prefer.

Do I need property insurance?

Yes, we highly recommend that you cover your property with insurance that provides protection for your rental. Although Airbnb provide cover through their Host Protection Insurance, which we will assist you with should you ever need to make a claim. But we would also suggest that you have your own insurance outwith this service that includes the relevant landlords insurance cover for your rental.

Do I need contents insurance?

Yes, you require contents insurance that gives relevant cover for a rental property. Please check with your current provider that they cover you as a landlord. Airbnb also provide their own insurance through Host Protection, but this should not be considered a substitute for personal contents insurance cover.

How much does it cost for professional photography services for my property?

Professional photography starts at £100 although additional charges apply for larger properties. Contact us for a quote.

Will you set the rental pricing for me?

Yes, we can set the rental price for you. We use a fantastic automation system that updates the pricing of your listing to reflect the cites calendar of events. Dates when there are large events happening and more guests looking for accommodating causes the price on your listing to be changed accordingly. This therefore means that you are always receiving the optimum level of income for your property at any given time.

Do I need a key box?

Yes, we will only take on properties that have a key box installed. In the instance that a guests flight is delayed and they are arriving during unsociable hours (10pm-6am) a key box can come in handy and prevents spending additional fees on face to face check-ins.

If you are unsure about sourcing a key box or having it installed then we can do this for you as part of our maintenance service. For this service, we will invoice you accordingly for the key box and the installation by a qualified tradesman.

What are the check-in/checkout times for guests?

Check-in for guests is anytime after 4pm. Check out time is anytime before 11am. On occasion these times can be flexible but this is highly dependent on availability and your properties booking calendar. We do try to accommodate guests as best as we can where possible.

Who pays for the cleaning of the property?

Airbnb allows you to charge guests for cleaning services. This cleaning fee can be added to the listing meaning that the cleaning cost isn’t coming out of your rental profit per reservation and is paid for by the guests staying at the property each and every time. Airbnb gives you the opportunity to also charge additional fees for each guest staying at the property. Which allows you to not only cover laundry costs but earn additional income for larger groups of guests.

What should I do with my personal belongings?

In regard to personal items, we would always suggest removing anything that you wouldn’t want people to use and keeping them in a locked cupboard. But definitely leave some personal items as it’s what gives your home personality and character. And it’s what separates a hotel from an Airbnb rental. Guests love a few personal touches here and there.

Why is there no telephone number on your website?

We have receive a lot of general Airbnb enquiries through our website which is why we don’t have a telephone number.

The best way to contact us is via our contact form and we will respond to your enquiry from there via telephone or email. If you can provide us with as much information as possible, this will allow us to respond effectively.

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