Guest Check-in Service

guest check-in service

We provide a personalised guest check-in service for your holiday let. We believe a personal interaction from the outset is so important. Which is why we will liaise with your guests to arrange a convenient check-in time. And ensure that they have directions to locate your property. We can even ensure that a friendly face is there to greet guests at your property on their arrival which can really add value to your groups’ overall experience.

Face to Face Check-in

Guests will be greeted at your property by a friendly face and made to feel special from the moment they walk in the door. Because we want every guest to feel important and like they’ve arrived at a luxury hotel. Therefore our well-trained staff will always deliver the highest level of customer service every time.

Your guests are then shown around your property, directed to where everything is and given clear instructions on how everything works. Also, they will be asked if there’s anything else we can assist with and wish them well for their stay. We will make check out arrangments for the day they leave. And assure them that if they need anything during their stay to get in touch with us using the Airbnb messenger system. We’re always happy to help!

£ 25.00

Includes a face to face check in for your guests

* Additional charges of £12.50 will apply if guests are more than 1 hour late for the agreed on check-in time and additional charges for each additional hour.

** An additional charge of £36 is required for check-ins between the hours of 10pm and 6am.


Key Box Check-in Service

We ensure that every property we work with has a key box installed to allow guests to self-check in. We will arrange the arrival time with instructions on how to locate your apartment, providing detailed instructions and telephone support when required. We will help your guests enter the building using the secure key box and liaise with guests completely during the arrival period.

Our guest check-in service allows us to build a rapport with your guests and delivers great customer service. This hands-on approach leads to a greater experience for your guests. And also a greater overall success of your short term rental property.


There is no charge for this service. We can supply a key box and have this installed as part of our maintenance package if necessary.

Face to face guest check-in service is included in our property management package as well as a range of other great services.

Contact us today to find out which management package would best suit your needs.

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