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Getting Started

A holiday let checklist with you in mind. A simple guide to get you started on the path to a successful rental.

You’ve Decided to Become a Host – What next?

Our handy holiday let checklist is here to help. Because we know it can be a challenge starting out on a new venture. Perhaps you have just purchased your property with the intention to turn it into a short-term holiday let. Or perhaps you have an existing property that you’ve previously rented out to a long term tenant. Or on the other hand, you have lived in the property yourself before relocating or upsizing to accommodate a family. Where ever you are we’ve put together this guide to get you started. Outlining several of the things to consider when tailoring your home to the needs of a guest.

Why do I need to make changes?

It’s important to put yourself in the guests’ shoes from the outset. Always looking at your home through the eyes of someone travelling on their holidays. And arriving at your home for the first time. We feel this is an important starting point, which is why we always do a walk through of your home on our very first meeting ensuring that you have everything in place to make your holiday let a success.

Guests arrive with certain expectations. Yes, they realise that they haven’t booked a hotel, but to some degree, they do have similar expectations. No one wants a damper put on their trip because of poor accommodation. By putting in the leg work, in the beginning, to ensure that your home is fully prepared. This will pay you back in bucket loads year on year. A reputable property management company can help you not only get your rental up and running but maintain the running of the property on-going. Resulting in higher yield and greater time leverage for you the host.

So where do you begin? Aside from the obvious things like keeping your property clean and free from clutter. Here are a few things you should know.

Let’s Start with the Essentials

It almost goes without saying, but your property will require running water, a heating system and electricity to accommodate guests. Make sure you have a home care package set up. Alongside this, we recommend installing a high-speed internet connection, with good bandwidth, as many travellers consider internet access to be an essential amenities when selecting a property. This also means that your property can attract people travelling on business, therefore increasing your customer base immediately.


We also suggest installing some sort of digital tv service for your property. Whether this is through Sky, or Netflix or even Amazon Prime is entirely up to you. There are many providers out there that offer a digital service for under £10 per month. The majority of the time guests will be out and about exploring your city, but on the off chance that the weather is so bad they can’t go out, and they’re travelling with children, it’s nice to have home comforts that make life a little it easier.

Should you ever need a maintenance service for your holiday let, we have an array of expert tradesmen at your disposal. Whether it’s a leaky tap or a lightbulb that needs to be changed, or a problem with your boiler. There’s always someone to get the job done. This is just one of the many perks of our property management service. Simplifying the management of your holiday rental and freeing up more of your valuable time.

Health and Safety

We recommend putting together a first aid kit for your guests. Accidents happen, so having plasters and other emergency essentials available will be greatly appreciated by your guests. On top of this, we suggest that you invest in a small fire extinguisher to keep in your kitchen as well as a fire blanket. It’s highly unlikely these things will be used, but for the sake of safety, we ensure that every home has one of these at guests disposal.

Home Comforts

Guests choose an Airbnb over a hotel because it feels more like a home from home. Which is why we like to ensure that your property meets the standards that so many guests expect from their rental to prevent disappointment.


Having done much research, we have discovered that as a bare minimum we consider the following items to be essentials for your holiday home.

  • Hairdryer (1 for every bedroom in your property)
  • Iron, ironing board and folding drying rack (somewhere accessible for guests to utilise)
  • Toaster & Kettle (as well as a good stock of tea bags, milk etc for guests to use during their stay)
  • Coffee Machine or a supply of good quality coffee.
  • Full kitchenware ( pots, plates, glassware, cutlery to accommodate the number of guests)
  • Duvets, pillows & protectors for all beds ( including sofa beds ) – We suggest 2 sets for each
  • Bath and body products for guests to wash with as well as handwash toilet roll and kitchen roll.
  • Bins for Kitchen & Bathroom (as well as recycling bins if space is available)
  • Cleaning supplies for guests to use during their stay (washing up liquid, surface cleaner etc)
  • Hoover, Mop & Toilet Brush
  • At the very least 2 sets of Keys for guests to utilise.

We offer a fantastic re-stocking service, ensuring your home never runs out of the essentials. Whether it be tea, coffee and milk or shower gel, hand wash and toilet roll. These will be refilled after every stay, ready for each new guests arrival.

Keep things simple

Clutter is one of the biggest pet hates of Airbnb guests. We suggest removing anything from your property that doesn’t serve a purpose or will make life difficult for your guests. Not only will it prevent your stuff from getting damaged, it makes the place feel more welcoming and relaxing. A cluttered environment increases stress levels and is a home for dirt. If you wouldn’t want to find it in a holiday home you are renting, then your guests won’t thank you for it either. Keep things minimal. Less is more and relevance is the key to a successful rental property interior. The same goes for personal items. Yes, it’s nice to have a few personal touches around in strategic places, but be selective and try not to over do it. You want your guests to feel just as at home in the property as you do.

If you need more help or advice on making your home guest friendly, we offer an excellent interior design service. Our knowledgeable design team will style your property in an appealing way to increase bookings and appeal to guests. Contact us today for a free consultation.


My Home is Ready for Guests

Amazing! You’re now ready to host your first guests. We always recommend Airbnb as a great platform to market your holiday rental. There are countless reasons why Airbnb is the best platform to market your holiday rental. Not only is it a simple system that’s extremely user-friendly. It’s quick and easy to set up and gives you control over your rental and your booking calendar. Airbnb is a secure site so you will always know who is staying in your home and be able to vet them before accepting.

With Airbnb, you’re covered for damage to the property for up to £600’000. Damage is rare, but in the instance that something did go wrong, it gives you peace of mind to know you’re covered. Airbnb holds the money as soon as your guest’s book, which means you are guaranteed the rental income after each and every stay. Airbnb’s built in review system encourages guests to leave reviews, these honest accounts lead to greater on-going interest in your property from new guests. Not forgetting that you will be part of a global community and a worldwide recognised platform for renting out your home, and what’s better than that.

We can help you set up your Airbnb account and make it a success. With years of experience and knowing what works and what doesn’t, from both a host and a guests point of view, we can help you fill up your rental calendar. Our Airbnb management service is here to help you, whether it be with setting up your account or with guest interactions. We always ensure that your messages are responded to promptly and guests questions are answered pre and post booking.

We also provide a professional photography service for your home, meaning high-quality images give a true representation of your property, leading to more interest from would-be guests.

Air Property Management

We hope you’ve found this holiday let checklist helpful. And that it’s been a useful guide for you when preparing your home for your first guests’ arrival. We know that by following these simple steps, your property will be transformed into the perfect holiday home, leading to happy guests and increased profit for you the host.

Why not take off some of the pressure and free up more of your valuable time? Take a look at our property management service. With various packages and services to suit your needs, get in touch to find out which would best suit yours.

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