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Making Your Home More Guest Friendly

The most successful Airbnb properties are designed with guests in mind. Air property management are here to help with styling your home for short term rental. A professional service specially designed for your holiday let. Giving your home a luxury Scottish hotel feeling, without the five-star price tag. Helping your property stand head and shoulders above the rest to maximise your bookings. While in turn increasing your profits as a host.

From our wealth of experience, the few properties that outshine the majority are the ones that are pleasantly styled. While representing a subtle theme of the city they are located in. Whether it be through the artwork adorning the walls or the pattern of the cushion. Or even the choice of books on your coffee table. There are countless ways to style your home, making it more appealing to guests. Yet without a complete overhaul.

Our home styling service focuses on keeping the look of your property in line with the cities heritage. While most importantly, avoiding being tacky. In addition, we ensure that your home has all of the essentials to accommodate your guests for a comfortable and happy stay.

For a more inclusive and high end interior designer in Edinburgh we highly recommend Tangram Furnishers. Who provide contemporary interior design for both domestic and commercial spaces throughout Edinburgh and further afield.

Home Design Service Edinburgh

The appealing aspect of a holiday rental over a hotel is that you’re staying in someone’s home. Therefore having a more local experience of the city. Hosts can sometimes take this to the extreme though making the property feel too lived in. Rentals that are most successful are the ones that have a minimum amount of clutter. By moving out all of the excess and unnecessary belongings, you can truly let the character of your home shine through. Small but significant touches speak volumes more than piles of stuff cluttering every surface, making it difficult for your guests to move around. And can, on occasion lead to accidental damage.


A Personalised Service to Suit your Needs

Our free home styling consultation gives you peace of mind that your property is guests friendly. Firstly by incorporating a home visit, we’ll do a room by room walk through of your rental. Allowing us to prepare a plan for possible improvements. As well as potential areas that could be tidied up. Next, we’ll sit down with you, the host, and discuss our findings with you. Taking on board your feedback on changes you are interested in incorporating. As well as your vision for the property. We love this stage of the design process.

After our meeting, we’ll spend a week sourcing and pricing the right items for your home, writing a detailed brief and also breakdowns of the final price. This will then be emailed to you and a follow-up meeting or phone call will be scheduled to discuss what changes, if any, you would like to go ahead with. Furthermore, when you’re happy to proceed, we will then arrange for the items to be purchased which you will be invoiced for. And the agreed on work will be carried out.

By simply applying some well considered finishing touches. As well as tidying up unnecessary clutter. Your bookings and your rental income will sky-rocket.

Free Consultation

Prices start from £190

(Material costs for items will be billed separately as agreed on by host)

We also offer a home photography service for your holiday let. We recommend this service to be carried out following your home styling. Because we know that a photo speaks a thousand words. We always ensure that the photos of your property are professional and attractive to potential guests. Find out more about property management.

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