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A professional laundry service can be the best investment for your holiday let. Not only will you see a dramatic difference in the brightness and freshness of your bedding and towels. But the time it will free up in your schedule by off-loading this time-consuming, and unenjoyable task. Therefore freeing up more of your week to do the things you actually want to do. Not only will your guests notice the difference and leave positive reviews accordingly. Which is priceless in adding value to your properties long-term growth and overall profit. But you will actually save money on washing powder, detergent and electricity bills.

Because a professional holiday let laundry service Edinburgh is a must have for your property. We have sourced expert cleaners who are great at what they do. Giving you peace of mind that the job is being done to an exceptionally high standard.

A Reliable and Professional Laundry Service for your Luxury Property

Your guests expect a comfortable night’s sleep. So fresh clean bedding is a vital factor to accomplishing this goal. Travellers experience can be ruined by dirty or stained bedding and towels that don’t smell fresh. Regardless of how clean your holiday home is. If a guest feels uncomfortable sleeping in their bed then a negative review can only be expected. Therefore, a professional laundry service for your holiday let property will contribute to the luxury hotel experience for each and every guest.

Edinburgh Short Term Let Laundry Service

During each clean, the dirty bedding will be stripped from the beds and the used towels collected. And these will personally be delivered to the laundrette. Here a team of professionals will clean every item. While removing stains and leaving your laundry clean and fresh. In addition, the bedding and towels will then be delivered back to your property. Ready for the cleaners to use to set the property up for your new guest’s arrival. Furthermore, our laundry service offers a fast turnaround for busy periods in your letting calendar. Allowing you to take on more bookings than ever before.

Linen and Towels Cleaning priced per bed/person

1 Bed – £20
2 Bed – £35
3 Bed – £50
4 Bed – £65
5 Bed – £80

* Prices are per bed, not per bedroom
** Sofa Beds are priced at £10 each
*** Prices do not include restocking or any management services
**** Prices do not include hire costs of linen/towels which are charged at £3 per set per month

Give your guests a great experience and free up your time by investing in a professional laundry service for your holiday let.

We also offer a professional cleaning service. Our expert team of reliable cleaners are able to clean your home to the highest standard. Ensuring excellent reviews from every guest. Contact us to find out which of our packages would best suit your needs. And how we can help you earn more from your holiday let.

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