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We all know that a picture speaks a thousand words. And this is especially true when it comes to booking the perfect holiday let. Professional property photography is so important. As guests are sold on holiday accommodation not only through the location and the amenities it provides. But by the overall look of the place. Made appealing to them through clear bright images.

If you don’t have professional images of your property already then you are doing your home a dis-service. While ultimately massively cutting your overall profits. From our experience, guests would only ever book accommodation that has a variety of professional, styled photos. Because no one would book a hotel that didn’t have great images of their rooms. The same rules apply to your holiday rental. Dark photos, poor quality and lack of variety of images is extremely off-putting and doesn’t convey a sense of professionalism. While an unmade bed or unnecessary clutter in a photo. Often doesn’t inspire much confidence in would be guests.

What words are your property images currently speaking and are they serving you?

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Holiday Let Photography Edinburgh

Flawless, high resolution, bright images convey a positive first impression. As a result, leading to more interaction and a greater interest in your holiday let.

We consider professional photography of your property to be vital to its overall success. For this reason, we won’t take on any property unless professional images are available. We understand that it can be difficult finding the right person for the job. Therefore we have sourced a fantastic photographer. Who has years of knowledge and experience in luxury property photography. And is available for you to utilise. Because we want to help you make your holiday let as profitable as possible.

The service includes an hour long photo shoot of your home. Firstly taking full room shots of each space. As well capturing the little details that make your property unique. With attention to detail and an eye for technical importance such as lighting and exposure. Our professional photographer will create a collection of images that do your home proud. While capturing the space in a way that will appeal to would be guests and travellers. Finally, we will email you these high-resolution images to upload to your properties Airbnb profile. As well as any other holiday rental sites your home is featured on.

 Additional photo shoots can be scheduled at any time. We recommend keeping your images current. Therefore, if you re-decorate or change the furniture. Ensure that the images you have representing your property reflect these changes. Your guests will appreciate this.

Prices start from only £100

Attract more guests to book your home by investing in professional property photos.

Schedule your photo shoot today.

Is your home is in need of a pick me up or just a few accessories to brighten up a dull room? We also offer an interior design service to make your home more guest friendly. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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