Reduce Your Rentals Environmental Impact Plant

Reduce Your Rentals Environmental Impact

It’s incredibly important that we reduce your rentals environmental impact on the planet. Providing a more sustainable holiday let for your guests. Having recently attended the Airbnb Environmental Seminar at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh this week.It’s certainly got us thinking about how we can work to reduce the impact the properties we manage have on the environment.

As a company, providing greener tourism is close to our hearts. We believe it’s our responsibility to provide solutions to help our guests make more eco friendly choices. Not only when they’re staying in our home. But also create good habits that they can incorporate into their own lives, long after their stay.

Green Is The New Black

The demand for green tourism is growing rapidly. Travellers are becoming much more aware of the current environmental crisis. Therefore changing their daily habits to a more eco friendly way of life.

A recent survey by found that “73% of global travellers intend to stay in green accommodation in the next year.” While 71% of travellers wanted more sustainable options. This demonstrates the need to provide more environmental friendly rental options to help the planet. As well as attract more bookings for your rental to meet marketplace demands.

How to Reduce Your Rentals Environmental Impact

Here are our recommendations for ensuring your property is generating a lower carbon footprint. Some of these we are already implementing in our rentals. We’d love to work with you to introduce more of these ideas across all properties over the coming months. Ensuring we are helping guests reduce their environmental impact on the planet.

Reduce Your Rentals Environmental Impact Message

Encourage Recycling

Many of the properties we manage are now fully equipped with recycling bins for guests to use during their stay. Appropriately labelled to make it easy for guests to know how certain types of waste should be disposed of. While a map is also provided with nearby recycling points for dry mixed recycling, glass and general waste.

Since introducing this measure into several of our properties. We’ve found that guests are adopting these good habits when it comes to recycling. Disposing of their waste appropriately as opposed to throwing everything into the one bin. We hope that these good habits are ones that guests will take into their own communities long after their stay.

Switch to Renewable Energy

Choosing a cleaner energy provider gives you have the ability to influence the demands for more forward thinking energy solutions. Replacing outdated fossil fuels which are causing damage to our environment with cleaner renewable energy. One of the properties we managed has already made the switch and saved over £200 on their annual energy bills. While reassuring guests that they are powered by 100% renewable energy sources.

Since switching to Bulb earlier this year we’ve also saved a small fortune. The company provides green energy from wind and solar power. If you’re looking to make the switch you can save £50 credit on your account using this discount code. It only takes 5 minutes online and Bulb contact your existing provider. Simple!

This is an easy way that you can reduce your rentals environmental impact without having to make massive change. You already have an energy provider for your property, therefore switching to a renewable source allows you to shop smarter.

Reduce Your Rentals Environmental Impact Energy

Refillable Toiletries

Across many of our properties we’ve opted to use refillable toiletries which can be restocked easily by our cleaners. While also ensure that less plastic ends up in landfill. By providing guests with great quality, eco friendly options they are able to travel light without liquids. The products that we provide not only contain less plastic but are better formulated, and less harmful to the environment.

Eco Cleaning Products

All of our cleaning team are now only using chemical free cleaning products within the properties that we manage. These include products without phosphates, bleach or chlorine that are safer for our cleaners and also for guests. With less chemicals being introduced into the atmosphere.

Encourage Food Sharing with OLIO

Often we find that guests buy too much food for their stay. This ends up being left behind or thrown away. We’re passionate about reducing global food waste. Do you know that 1/3 of all food produced goes to waste. While in the UK alone 8 million people (equivalent to the population of London) live in food poverty. We’ve recently discovered an app called OLIO which allows you to share unwanted food with those in the local community who need it most. We’ll be recommending this option to guests as an alternative for the unused food they intend to leave behind. Therefore ensuring that it’s put to good use.

Reduce Your Rentals Environmental Impact Farmers-MarketReduce Single Use Plastics

We all know the impact that plastic is having on our environment. Polluting our oceans, killing wildlife and finding it’s way into the food chain. An easy way to cut down on plastic is by introducing Tupperware into your rentals for guests to use instead of clingfilm. As well as reusable bags for shopping.

We’ll be installing signage making sure guests are aware that Scottish water is suitable for drinking. Guests will be encouraged before their arrival to bring their refillable water bottle to enjoy fresh water on the go. Do you know that hundreds of locations across Edinburgh provide free drinking water to anyone with a refillable bottle. This will save hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles from being thrown away each year.

Promote Shopping Local

By encouraging guests to shop local during their stay. Whether that be purchasing locally sourced produce from farmers markets and local stores. Enjoying Scottish delicacies. As well as purchasing local crafts and gift items as souvenirs. This will help local businesses thrive and bring more money into the local economy.

We’ll also be recommending walking tours and other eco friendly options for guests to enjoy during their stay. As we’re passionate about working with local businesses that care about protecting the environment as much as we do.

Reduce Your Rentals Environmental Impact ScotlandEco Friendly Tourism in Scotland

There are so many ways that we can promote a more environmentally friendly way of life through our rental. Providing guests with the facilities to allow them to continue their good habits during their stay. Or adopt new, positive habits that they can take home.

With the smartest scientists on the planet declaring a climate emergency, there is no room for business as usual. It’s our responsibility to take action and protect our planet for future generations. It starts with us.

If you would like us to help you reduce your rentals environmental impact. Or provide ethical management for your holiday let then please contact us. Getting started could not be easier.

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