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There’s nothing more satisfying than arriving at a holiday let after a long journey to find the place is fully stocked with all the essentials. From our experience having milk in the fridge and tea and coffee in the cupboards. As well as a sweet welcome treat on your pillow, make for a great first impression. These are all small but significant ways to show your guests you care. Also, some quality shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in each bathroom, is always welcomed. Because often these can be difficult things to pack, especially if guests are arriving by plane. Meanwhile, not forgetting a good supply of the essentials such as toilet paper, kitchen roll and hand wash, should never be forgotten. Our holiday let restocking service Edinburgh ensures your holiday let is always well stocked with all the things that will help your guests have a more comfortable stay.

 We consistently keep on top of supplies to make sure that nothing ever runs out.  Because we realise this task can be time-consuming and expensive, we’ve sourced great quality local products at a competitive price. And our reliable staff will deliver them to your property in preparation for each new guests arrival.

Toiletries and re-stocking

Re-Stocking the Essentials

There’s so much value in having a well stocked holiday rental for both you and your guests. By utilising our holiday let restocking service you will free up more of your valuable time. It all adds up. From sourcing supplies, paying over inflated prices by shopping in small quantities. Not to mention the time at the property dropping off supplies. We take away all of this hassle and provide a luxury service that will go far beyond your guest’s expectations. Not only will this lead to happy guests and great reviews but this will then have a knock-on effect in increasing your future bookings. And therefore your monthly profits.

Contact us to find out more about our holiday let restocking service and show your guests how much you care.

£ 5

Re-Stocking is also included as part of our Castle Package.

We also provide an excellent cleaning service for your rental property. Our reliable and well-trained cleaners are experts at working on holiday lets. Always leaving your home clean and fresh for the arrival of each new guest. Find out about our other services and how we can help you increase your rental profits today.

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