Why Host on Airbnb?

Airbnb is one of the most globally recognised platforms for holiday rental today. And used by over 150 million travellers from 191 countries across the globe. Whether you want to book a room or an entire house, or even an experience for your trip, you can. Airbnb has sparked an entirely new trend, changing the future of how we travel. People are no longer opting for traditional hotel stays, and swaying more towards the accommodation that Airbnb has to offer. Why? Because it offers better value for money, a more real life experience of their travel destination, and human connection through the hosts that make the entire thing possible. So why should you host on Airbnb?

Gives you more choices and allows you to earn a passive income

Whether your dreams are to jet set around the world and explore new lands, build an asset for the future through property or just be able to pay your mortgage and have a bit of extra cash at the end of the month. All of this and more is possible through Airbnb hosting, and sourcing a reputable property management company to look after your rental and your guests.


Speaking from experience, having originally started out renting our own home through Airbnb at weekends, allowing us to pay for trips away or visit family in different cities, we quickly realised that not only was Airbnb paying for our mortgage, but giving us more cash in the bank to live a better lifestyle.

Fast forward a year on we decided to make the decision to live abroad, travelling around Europe for a year on an extended honeymoon. Something we could never have afforded to do had we not been able to rent out our Edinburgh flat through Airbnb while we were away. By doing this it allowed us to earn a passive income, paying for our trip, as well as covering the costs of the property itself. In order to do this successfully, you need to treat your rental like a business, employing a trustworthy and experienced company as your assistant to manage the day to day running while you’re away. Trust us, it’s so worth the investment.

Increase the amount of free time you have

With the income that comes from renting out a property on Airbnb, many hosts find themselves in a position where they can spend their time how they choose. They might decide to cut back on the days they work in their 9-5 job. Or give it up completely to follow their passions. There’s so much appeal these days to create a laptop lifestyle. Working remotely has never been so attractive allowing yourself to spend more of your time how and where you choose.

So whether that be with family, or travelling the world, or setting up that dream business or as the Italians say ‘dolce far niente’ which translates to ‘the sweetness of doing nothing’ then Airbnb allows you to have those choices. A property management company can help you leverage your time, giving you more freedom as well as maximising your rental to earn you the highest turnover for your property at any given time.

Grow an additional income through Airbnb experiences

Not only does Airbnb give you the opportunity to rent out your space and make an additional income, it also allows you to provide paid for experiences for guests to enjoy during their stay. This can allow hosts to increase footfall to their current business or pursue their passions and earn an income at the very same time.

Perhaps you’re a skilled chef, why not offer a cooking class. Or a talented artist, provide guests with a drawing workshop. Own a bar, a cocktail master class is always a popular choice for groups. Knowledgeable about your city, why not offer guests a walking tour and share the history and stop off at your favourite coffee shop along the way. Own a florist, offer a flower arranging workshop. Are you a personal trainer, offer an outdoor class in a beautiful local park for fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Guests love to feel like a local. These experiences make their trip unique. They’re also a great way for hosts to earn money from doing what they love, and sharing that passion and enthusiasm with others.

Add value to your community

The difference between Airbnb and traditional travel and the thing that appeals most to guests is the face to face interaction with real life people. This human connection aspect adds so much value to the overall experience. Guests love to hear your recommendations for the local area. Maybe you have a favourite coffee shop that does great cakes, an excellent restaurant with the best local cuisine, a yoga class that you enjoy or a unique shop that sells local crafts. Not only does this enrich the experience of your guests, but adds massive value to your local community, growing local businesses through social marketing and word of mouth recommendation.

You don’t need to be an expert to get started

We know that doing something new and outside your comfort zone can be a daunting experience. That’s why at Air Property Management, we help you with every aspect of your Airbnb rental. From the set up of your account to preparing your home for guests. We offer a variety of services including; friendly guest check-ins, professional laundry and Airbnb cleaning Edinburgh services, to name but a few. These services are designed to not only cater for your needs as a host but also meet the needs of your guests. Giving you the ability to earn a passive income, create more time and choices in your life, and ultimately follow your passions. Find out more about how we can help you start you Airbnb adventure.

If you aren’t already registered with Airbnb, use this discount code to start earning rewards today.

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